Monks were among the first Chinese translators, working meticulously and patiently in the privacy of their monasteries to bring Buddhist classics closer to people. We at Monk Translations work as meticulously as they did, but definitely much faster, as we realise that time is of the essence to our clients. However, quick turnaround times are not the only difference between the Chinese translators and our team – we use professional CAT (computer-aided translation) tools and a huge resource of professional literature to deliver translations in the full sense of the word, not semi-translations or quasi-translations.

The Chinese monks did not translate all kinds of texts. Nor do we!

If you require a translation from or into French, Spanish, German or Russian, to name just a few, we can refer you to our colleagues. But if you require a translation from English into Polish, or vice versa, we will be happy to be of service.

What we do in brief:

Languages: Polish-English, English-Polish

Industries: Legal, Business/Finance/Accounting, Technical

All translations are available as standard or certified by a government-licensed court translator/interpreter with nearly two decades of translation experience.

All documents and texts, as well as their translations, are kept confidential and are never disclosed to any third parties, as required by the applicable laws and regulations.

As we believe that each translation job is different, our feesare calculated on a case-by-case basis and depend on a number of factors, including the type of service (standard or certified), the complexity of the translation process, the time needed to complete the job and the deadline set by the client.

To get a free quote, please contact us by email or phone. We will reply to your request or any other enquiry within 60 minutes.

Why choose Monk Translations?

  • For the quality of our work.
  • For the fair prices we charge.
  • For the quick turnaround times you can count on.
  • For the adherence to deadlines we guarantee.
  • For the advice and consultancy we provide.

Dawid Mnich MA / Member (MCIL)

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